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Welcome to the Artistic Platform - Dos Ombúes

The artistic creation platform Dos Ombúes is an independent proposal in which resident artists elaborate and produce works inspired by the landscape of our countryside.
Through different artistic languages, the Pampa plains are reinterpreted and transformed in dialogue with artistic productions that disrupt but, at the same time, are integrated into the landscape and the natural and cultural heritage.

Tus mismos cardos, campo, se estremecen
al presentir la aurora que mereces.
Oliverio Girondo, “Campo Nuestro”.

Our history

We welcome you in our late 19th century country house surrounded by centenary trees where it is still possible to visit the two ombu trees that give the place its name, under which concerts used to take place at sunset.


What do we do?

We invite national and international artists and collectives whose interest is to elaborate and produce on the basis of the concept of pampa/plain land in the fabric of the landscape. Among the possible registers of situated interventions, our call is directed to the following disciplines: generative art, performances, sound art, photography, video, research projects, literary productions, sculpture, drawing, painting and those media appropriate to the field of contemporary art. A limited number of artists will be selected after analysis by our selection committee.

The objective is for residents and creators to develop artistic proposals in situ, based on the deep experiential experience with the landscape, the link with the space and the dialogue with the place through the interrelation of multiple artistic languages with the intervention of generative art. Painting, drawing, records of site-specific actions, interventions, photography, sculpture and poetics of the body enter into dialogue with a specific territory in a way that translates into interrelated artistic experiences.


Who are we?

The Dos Ombúes Platform for Artistic Creation is an independent organization that seeks to open up new landscapes for artistic production, aiming to establish interactions with local communities and with national and international artists and researchers.

It has the support of state and private entities and national and international civil society organizations.

We are a family of professionals and artists who decided to make our place in the countryside a space open to art and artistic creation. Our house is full of stories and mysteries, many of them linked to art. Today we open our doors to the artists of the world so that you can be the continuators of this story.

Staff: Verónica Meo Laos, Mariano Francisco, Oliverio Francisco and Pilar Aitana Francisco.



The Dos Ombúes Platform for Artistic Creation is located in Dolores, halfway between Buenos Aires and Mar del Plata, kilometer 210, on Highway 2.

Easily accessible, it is located only 6 kilometers from downtown Dolores, immediately after the peri-urban area, in the rural area called Paraje La Limpia, a section of farms.

The plain landscape is the protagonist of this place where native trees, such as tala and coronillo, are interspersed with cina cina or palo verde and sen de campo, as well as talar orchids. All sustained by the pampean grassland and its native fauna.



You will be able to participate in the Dos Ombúes Platform for Artistic Creation a small group of Argentine and/or foreign artists. Proposals must be individual or collective with special emphasis on artistic creation actions located in rural scenarios that interact with local communities.

Individuals, collectives, artists and students, curators, researchers, photographers, visual and sound artists, interdisciplinary artists, plastic artists, performers, all proposals related to generative art, land art, ephemeral art, audiovisual, site-specific actions and field research are invited to apply.

Be of legal age, have research and/or artistic production interests that dialogue with the environment.


Activities in our space

From psychodrama sessions, to traditional African dances, Aikido classes and night walks, we have a wide range of activities to choose from...


They support us

This space is an integral part of

Puntos de Cultura - Ministry of Culture

Barbara Togander - Los Dos Ombúes Residency

It is supported by

Fondo Desarrollar - Ministry of Culture

Tourist and Cultural Catalog - Ministry of Production, Science and Technological Innovation

JUNTA bonaerense network of contemporary art spaces



Contact us

If you have any doubts or questions, you can send us your message through this form.